Our Latest Video Face-Off! .380 Ammo Put To The Test

Check out the video below to see a comparison between two new types of ammo that have been creating a lot of discussion among firearm enthusiasts. In the video, we compare the new Remington Ultimate Defense .380 with the new Liberty Civil Defense .380. There are some big differences between these two loads.

Remington Ultimate Defense .380

  • This round is a 102 gr., brass jacketed hollow point
  • Even heavier than a full metal jacket of the same caliber
  • Due to the heavier load it has a fairly slow muzzle velocity, and produces more felt recoil

Liberty Civil Defense .380

  • This round is a 50 gr. hollow point
  • Really light in comparison to a full metal jacket .380
  • Has a very fast muzzle velocity (of almost 1,500 ft./sec.!) and a very light recoil due to its lighter slug

For testing purposes we used a Glock 42, and found that both types of ammo worked fine in this firearm. It is interesting to note that a particular bullet’s stopping power is derived from a combination of weight and muzzle velocity, so you’ll have to check out the video to see how these two very different types of ammo compare.

Feel free to stop by the shop and discuss all of your ammo questions with our knowledgeable team. We currently have both of these types of ammo in stock, so you can pick up a box of each and have your own Ammo Face-Off the next time you hit the range!

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