Choosing the Right Firearm

There are many things to consider when choosing your next firearm:

Purpose – Is the firearm for hunting? Target shooting? Personal Defense? Concealed Carry? Waterfowl hunting? A combination of many uses? Whatever your intended purpose, there will be a firearm designed to accomplish one or more purposes.

Operation of Firearm – It is important to know how the operation works of the firearm you are interested in. For rifles and shotguns there are bolt, semi-automatic, lever action, pump action etc.. For pistols there are stiker fired, double, single action as well as revolvers.

Safety Features – Consider whether the firearm has a safety and other features that will help your firearm remain safe whenever not in use.

Fit & Feel – The firearm must feel right to you to help you in your desired purpose for purchase. Make sure the firearm fits securely in your hands and that you can comfortably hold and shoot the firearm. Especially with pistols is particular, you will be unable to shoot the pistol if the fit is not right. With any firearm, if it doesn’t fit correctly you will not be inclined to train with the firearm.

Price – Price is bound to be a driving factor when purchasing a firearm. Consider the additional costs you may incur on training and ammunition or other accessories.

Brand – Just like the loyalty many have to sports teams, you may be loyal to a firearm manufacturer.

Warranty – Many manufacturers offer a limited or lifetime warranty with the purchase of their firearms. If warranty is important to you, be sure to ask our sales staff about the manufacturer and what they offer with the purchase.

Where it is made – Consider where the firearm is made. If the manufacturer does not offer a warranty, this information will be important in consideration of where the firearm would have to be sent for repairs.

Availability of Accessories – Do you want to add a laser, light or other accessories? Be sure to check on the availability of accessories such as holsters, cases, etc. as you don’t want to find there aren’t accessories readily available.

By considering all of the above when you make a firearm purchase, you will be well equipped in making the right decision for yourself. Our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to discuss the above factors with you at the time of your next purchase. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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