How to Customize a Rifle

With the growing number of shooters in the past 5 years, the sport of hunting and target shooting has grown very popular. The Modern Sporting Rifle design, or AR15 has provided shooters with very low recoil, and accurate fun gun to shoot. These rifles are very adaptable and can be altered in many ways for comfort and ease of shooting. Other rifles such as the Ruger 10/22 also have become very popular with target shooters and can easily be modified with enhanced features. Here are some of the ways that rifles can be customized:

Quality Optic – From adjustable power Scopes to red dot sights, accuracy in a rifle often comes from having these enhancement. A powerful scope lends itself very useful when hunting or shooting for precision, while a red dot sight aids in shooting quickly with both eyes open. These are both very good options that when added to a rifle, will change the way it feels but give you an advantage over shooting with open sights.

Quad Rail – Adding a quad rail allows you to make many changes to your rifle. The quad rail gives you simple attachment points for a light, laser, vertical grip, bipod attachment, sling attachment, and the option of adding backup folding iron sights. As you can see, the possibilities are endless when you add a quad rail and customizing your rifle is made easy with it.

Collapsible Stock – allows you to adjust the length of pull (LOP). LOP is the distance from the middle of the trigger to the firearms buttstock, and will determine how well the gun will fit you. Adjusting the LOP will help you achieve accuracy and comfort.

Suppressors or Muzzle Device – This customization requires your rifle to be threaded. If your rifle is not already threaded, you may want to take it to a quality Gunsmith to have this done. It is critical to be done properly to achieve proper alignment when you have your muzzle device attached. A Suppressor or known commonly as a Silencer can be easily threaded onto a threaded barrel rifle. The Suppressor is designed to reduce the volume of the shot below the level of what your regular earplug/earphone does. A bonus to a suppressor is that you will also have less recoil, by nearly 30%! If interested in Suppressors, stop by the store and we can show you some that will work for your rifle. There are other muzzle devices, such as a Flash Suppressor or Muzzle brake. The flash suppressors are commonly found on most stock AR15 rifles, while muzzle brakes can commonly be found on larger bore rifles in calibers such as .338 Lapua or .50 BMG. The Muzzle brake is designed to strictly reduce recoil, while the flash suppressor is just designed to reduce muzzle flash when the rifle is shot. Both options can easily be added to threaded rifles.

Bipods – Adding a bi-pod to your rifle will allow you to secure your shot from various positions. You can have quick, accurate shots with the option to adjust your shooting position very quickly. Using the support of a bipod will also drastically reduce shooter fatigue and will allow you to have better control of your firearm. A bipod will provide you ease of shooting from the bench, prone, and kneeling positions depending on the model and design.

Triggers – The rifle trigger is very important for accurate consistent shooting. Most triggers can be adjusted to different levels for a comfortable pull weight. It has also become popular in some Modern Sporting Rifles to have a two stage trigger. A two stage trigger gives the shooting some take up before the trigger hits the sear and breaks. For trigger work, see a quality gunsmith so you get it done properly. There are many aftermarket triggers or adjustments that can be done to make your trigger suitable.

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Pictured above are rifles from two members of our staff. The top is a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 in 5.56 NATO and was customized by the addition of a Huntertown Arms Kestrel 5.56, troy alpha rail quad rail, harris bi-pod and a Leupold mark AR 223 scope. The bottom is a Ruger 10-22 .22LR with the army digital camo and was customized by the addition of a UTG quad rail and CenterPoint scope.

Stop by the store and speak with one of our friendly sales associates about how you can customize your rifle. Be sure to call or stop by The Shop for any questions.



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