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July 29, 2024

Self Defense: What Happens Next?

7/29 – 5:30-8 p.m.

Topics Covered:

If you’re a gun owner and you’re forced to defend yourself: Are you prepared? Do you know what to expect?

This seminar, taught by experienced self-defense attorneys and law enforcement officers, covers:

  • Interacting with law enforcement
  • Your right to remain silent
  • Stand Your Ground vs. Duty to Retreat
  • Criminal Court procedure
  • Civil litigation procedure
  • Talking to authorities in the aftermath of a self-defense incident

Seminars are presented by experienced attorneys.

About US Law Shield:

Above all, U.S. LawShield believes in empowering our members through knowledge, education, and a self-defense mindset. We exist to support and protect our members’ fundamental legal rights in a potentially hostile legal system while delivering unmatched service and accessibility through our vast community of affiliate facilities and Independent Program Attorneys. For more info, visit now.

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