Utah Concealed Carry

Course Description

The course elements, as mandated by the State of Utah, Bureau of Criminal Identification, cover many different aspects of firearms safety and ownership, transportation of firearms (intra & interstate), laws and legal responsibilities, and concealed carry concepts.

If you already have your Pennsylvania Concealed Carry Permit, adding this Utah Permit allows you to legally carry your handgun concealed in over 30 states including Delaware!

This is a 5\6 hour class and includes the following:  Complete 52 page printed manual (required by Utah), notepaper, pens, highlighters, application, passport photos and completed fingerprint cards. The completed Application package will be UPS\FEDEX to the State of Utah the next business day.

The processing fee to be remitted to the State of Utah entitles you to legally carry for five years.


5/6 hour in the classroom (processing time for photos, fingerprinting and lunch will take additional time and cannot count towards classroom time per Utah law).


$135 (does note include State of Utah processing fee)

+ $67 State of Utah processing fee (non-refundable)


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Payment required in advance!

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