We’re Proud to Welcome the Henry Rifle to The Sportsman’s Shop!

Benjamin Tyler Henry is responsible for one of the great leaps forward in rifle design: the first lever action, repeating rifle. Patented in 1860, Henry’s rifle made its way into the hands of the Union Army by 1862. Thanks to its rapid rate of fire and high degree of accuracy, this advanced firearm became popular with members of the military as well as civilians.

The Henry rifle was the firearm of choice for many settlers in the American West, and over time it became a legendary and sought-after firearm. Today, Henry Repeating Arms makes classic, well-crafted firearms that are affordable and enjoyable to shoot. Every single part in every single Henry rifle is made in America and engineered with features that other gun makers often charge twice the price for.

Best of all, with the motto “Made in America or Not Made at All” you know you can’t go wrong with a Henry Rifle!

We’re proud to announce that The Sportsman’s Shop has been selected as a GOLD Henry Repeating Arms dealer. This means that we’ll receive preferred allocations of inventory from Henry and will be able to carry many hard-to-find models.

Stop by The Sportsman’s Shop today, contact us online, or give us a call at 717-354-4311 to learn more. We look forward to welcoming you to the shop so that you can experience Henry’s history and quality first hand!

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