How to set up a Gun Trust with Attorney Joshua Bodene

Currently 39 states permit ownership of Silencers, and the majority permit hunting with a silencer. Pennsylvania is one of those states that allows ownership and hunting with a Silencer. Other Class III items allowed for purchase in Pennsylvania include Short barrel rifles, Machine guns, and short barreled shotguns. So how do you go about purchasing a Class III item? As a buyer of a Class III or NFA regulated item, you have the option of buying the item as an individual or by placing it into a Gun trust. What is a Gun Trust you might ask?

Class III/NFA (National Firearms Act) items can be placed into the Gun trust. Trustee(s) are responsible for overseeing the trust and items, protecting and monitoring access to the items on behalf of the beneficiaries. When buying a Class III item under a Gun Trust, the Class III item belongs to the trust and can be used by anyone listed as a Trustee.

There are many benefits to buying Class III regulated items under a Gun Trust. Watch as Attorney Joshua Bodene sits down with Isaiah and Jordan and explains the benefits of a Gun Trust.

The Sportsman’s Shop is a Class III NFA dealer and has in stock many suppressors (silencers) and other Class III items. We are a proud partner with Joshua Bodene. With Joshua,  you are guaranteed fast and reliable service to set up a Gun Trust quickly and properly. Stop by our store or call and speak with one of our friendly staff members and we will answer any questions you might have. To contact Joshua Bodene call (717) 669-0313.

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