We’re Proud to Carry Hunting Rifles from the SAKO Select Line

SAKO Select hunting rifles are well known for their exacting standards of craftsmanship. Even better, every SAKO Select rifle is tested before it leaves the factory to produce a 5-shot group under 1” at 100 yards – guaranteed!

And at The Sportsman Shop we’re proud to be one of just three shops in PA given the opportunity to sell these fine rifles.

Why Choose a SAKO Select Hunting Rifle?

According to SAKO, their rifles “share demanding design principles, adhering to both tradition and innovation, allowing riflemen to choose a model to perfectly fit different preferences and needs.”

The SAKO Select line offers different stock styles and barrel options combined with a comprehensive caliber selection. In addition, they offer fifteen different models to choose from.

You’ll have to stop by the shop to check out the SAKO Select rifles we have in stock and view the various models that we have on display. These are extremely rare firearms due to limitations on imports into the U.S. and we’re lucky to have obtained an initial order of these guns.

The following features come standard on every SAKO Select rifle:

  • Rubber Recoil Pad
  • Classic Fine-Line Checkering
  • Total Lock Time Less Than 1.3 Milliseconds
  • Crisp, Set Adjustable Trigger
  • One-Piece Bolt with 70° Lift, Machined From a Solid Block of Steel
  • Short Claw Extractor
  • Controlled Round Feed
  • Caliber-specific Action Sizes
  • Total Control Magazine Latch
  • Matte Blue or Stainless Finishes
  • Cold-Hammer-Forged, Match-Grade Barrel with Hand-Cut Muzzle Crown

If you’re interested in a rifle with the highest quality form and function as well as top performance accuracy, stop in and check out our selection of SAKO Select rifles. We have several in stock but due to their rare availability and with hunting season just around the corner, we really don’t know how long they will last.

Contact us today to ask a question or stop by the shop and check out a SAKO hunting rifle. We look forward to seeing you.


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