Kimber Lightweight Hunting Rifles – Adirondack & Mt. Ascent

Kimber is a name known mostly for building high quality yet affordable 1911 pistols. Kimber also makes some of the finest and lightest production hunting rifles. To meet the rising demand they began making these rifles in various popular calibers. We have two of the Montana series rifles in stock: Adirondack in .308 Win and the Mountain Ascent in .270 Win. Both feature a carbon fiber, hand-molded reinforced stock, stainless steel barrel and receiver and hollowed bolt handle which makes them very lightweight and durable. These rifles tip in at an astounding 4lbs 13oz making them the perfect rifle for long hunting trips. Watch as Ryan walks through the features of both rifles:

We have both of these premier, high-end, popular hunting rifles in stock. These rifles are some of the lightest production rifles manufactured on the market and are very reasonably priced. Please call or stop by The Shop to see these rifles in person.


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