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New Gun Owner 101
Topics Covered:

Are you a new gun owner? Worried about what you can or can’t do? In this 1-hour class participants will learn the top reasons new gun owners go to jail and how to avoid the traps. The class will also prepare you for what you need to do should you find yourself in a situation involving law enforcement . The class also debunks common myths about owning guns and much, much more. Taught by Attorney Michael Giaramita exclusively at The Sportsman’s Shop, the class is free and size is limited so sign-up ASAP. Please click on link below to register for this event.

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Should I Shoot: Simplified Deadly Force Decision Making
Topics Covered:

Seminars are presented by experienced attorneys.

  • Castle Doctrine
  • The Justified Use of Deadly Force
  • Where you can legally carry
  • What to expect when law enforcement arrive
  • And more!

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Laws of Concealed Carry and Interstate Travel
Topics Covered
  • Laws of Concealed Carry
  • Laws of Open Carry
  • Gun Free Zones
  • Considerations for legally traveling armed in other states

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