Pepper Spray Is a Popular Defense Choice

Pepper spray has been a popular choice for non-lethal personal defense for many years. However, the days of wimpy keychain-mounted pepper spray bottles have long passed. Two popular firearms manufacturers, Kimber and Ruger, make first-rate pepper spray devices that can deliver powerful stopping power.

At The Sportsman’s Shop, we stock various types of pepper spray, so if you’re interested in learning more and seeing choices from both of these manufacturers first hand, stop by. Our friendly team members will be happy to fill you in on the unique characteristics of each!

Kimber Pepper Blaster

According to Kimber, the Pepper Blaster is the most powerful, most advanced pepper defense system on the market. The Pepper Blaster’s super hot, super effective one-two punch stops threats at a distance like nothing else can, disabling an attacker for up to 45 minutes. Kimber’s team in Switzerland engineered this totally new personal safety device to be three times as effective as the most popular spray, because it’s not a spray it’s a gel.

The Pepper Blaster’s gun-shaped ergonomic grip is perfect for almost any sized hand and its pepper solution is the most powerfully concentrated version on the market. Because it’s not pressurized like an aerosol spray, there’s no way it can lose pressure over time. Best of all the Pepper Blaster will blast 13 feet at 112 MPH, in under 1/10 of a second.

Kimber’s Pepper Blaster eliminates many of the shortcomings of old-school aerosol pepper sprays. It has a three-year shelf life, longer than any aerosol product, and two highly-concentrated pepper solution charges give you a second shot. However, you might not need a second shot, because a single hit to the face will disable an attacker for 45 minutes or more.

Features and benefits of the Kimber Pepper Blaster include:

  • Just point and shoot
  • Travels 13 feet in less than 1/10th of a second
  • Target has no time to react
  • Eyeglasses and even ski masks won’t stop it
  • Less than 5 inches long
  • Shoot from any angle, with right or left hand
  • Works in heat or cold

Ruger Pepper Spray

Ruger pepper spray is unique in that it is powered by Tornado, an innovator in the personal defense industry.  Also, it comes in a wide variety of sizes and includes some pretty unique features.

Ruger Ultra Pepper Spray uses law-enforcement-strength pepper spray that shoots up to 15 feet. The Ultra pepper spray device also include a 125-decibel alarm and a bright strobe light, both of which can confuse attackers and alert nearby bystanders that you’re in trouble. With 2 million Scoville heat units, this pepper spray will disable just about any attacker.

Ruger Stealth Pepper Spray uses the same law-enforcement-strength pepper spray but without the alarm and strobe light.

Ruger Armor Case Pepper Spray is contained in a small, lightweight canister that easily clips to a keychain or belt clip. This model uses the same law-enforcment-grade pepper mixture that sprays up to 15 feet and includes 2 million Scoville heat units to disable even the fiercest attacker.

Ruger Pro Extreme is a unique law-enforcement-grade pepper spray dispenser. This device features the same canister used by law enforcement and it has no lock. Therefore the pepper spray can be released quickly by simply placing your thumb underneath the trigger guard and pressing down.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ruger pepper spray products or learning more about any type of personal defense, please contact us or stop by the shop today. Our friendly team members are looking forward to chatting with you to determine what type of pepper spray product will be best for your unique needs.

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