Annual Shooting Competition

Starting January 2019!

Distance: 7 yards/21 feet

Visit the range and shoot a qualifying target (limited to 1 target per customer per paid range transaction). The highest scoring target of the week will be posted until it has been beaten.

Standard Range Fees Apply

The highest scoring target at the end of each month will have their target posted at our range and on this page in the “Monthly Winners” section and also be entered into the final, end of year, shoot-off.


Weekly – FREE Range Pass

Monthly  –  $25 gift card

Grand Prize – NEW Firearm (chosen by TSS)


Ages 10 & Up (Under 21 must be with a parent/legal guardian)

Any Hand Gun & Caliber (excludes AR pistols)

No Optics. Open sights only.

Only ONE target can be shot and scored per person per paid range transaction.

The target will be shot at a distance of 7 yards/21 feet.

10 shots

Target will be scored by the Range Officer or Range Desk Personnel

You must notify the range officer before shooting a competition target.

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