Foreign Nationals

FOREIGN NATIONALS: permitted & prohibited person for possessing firearms and ammunition.

A non-immigrant alien is someone who is in the United States on a temporary basis, usually on a work, student, or tourist visa. Under the provisions of 27 CFR 178.97, non-immigrant aliens are prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms and ammunition while in the United States unless they are a citizen or national of the Visa Waiver Program (below).

Permanent resident aliens and aliens lawfully admitted to the U.S. without a visa (e.g. Visa Waiver Program) do not fall within the prohibition, and therefore do not need to meet the exemptions to rent and shoot a firearm.

The following 38 countries are Visa Waiver Program participants:

Andorra, Australia, Austria
Belgium, Brunei
Chile, Czech Republic
Finland, France
Germany, Greece
Iceland, Ireland, Italy
Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg
Malta, Monaco
Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway
San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
United Kingdom

A penalty for violation of this federal law is imprisonment of 5-10 years per occurrence.  We do not want to go to prison, nor do we want you to go to prison.  If you are here from another country and do not meet the criteria for permitted persons you may not shoot at The Sportsman’s Shop.

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