Range Rental Firearms

Rental Gun Policy

  • If you do NOT own a firearm you MUST have someone with you in order to rent any firearm.
  • If you plan on coming in alone to rent a firearm, you MUST already own a firearm and bring it with you to the range.
  • You MUST use in range ammo for all rental guns.
  • You are required to present a valid ID at the time of rental.
  • You must watch our range safety video and complete our range waiver.

Micro Carry 380

Ultra Master Carry 45 acp

Custom Crimson Carry 45 acp

Smith & Wesson:

M&P22 Compact 22LR

Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory 22LR

Bodyguard 38 spl

642 38 spl

Bodyguard 380

M&P Shield EZ M2.0 .380

M&P 9 9 mm

M&P 9 M2.0 9mm

M&P  M2.0 Compact 9mm

M&P M2.0 Shield 9mm

M&P Shield EZ 9mm

629 44mag

M&P M2.0 40 40S&W

M&P M2.0 Shield 40S&W

Governor 45acp

M&P Shield 45acp

M&P 2.0 45 acp

686 357 mag

M&P 15 Sport 2 5.56

M&P 15-22 22LR

S&W Model 60 Pro 357

Model 60 357/38spl.


SP101 22LR


SR22 22LR

10/22 TD 22LR

LCR-22 22LR

22/45 Lite 22LR

Mark IV Target 22LR

Ruger American 22LR

LCR 38 spl

LCRX-3 38 spl

SP101 357 mag

GP100MC 357 mag

LCP 380



LC9S 9mm

SR9C 9mm

American 9mm

American Compact 9mm


AR 556 5.56

SR556FB 5.56

57 5.7×28 5″


42 380

Gen4 17 9mm

Glock 43 9mm

43X 9mm

Gen5 19 9mm

Gen5 17 9mm

Gen4 27 40S&W

Gen4 23 40S&W

Gen4 22 40S&W

30S 45acp

48 9mm

20 10mm

21 Gen4 .45acp

Daniel Defense:

M4V11LW 5.56

M4V11 Carbine 5.56


Benelli M4, M2 & Super Nova 12 gauge


CX4 Storm Carbine 9mm

Sig Sauer:

P238 380

P365 9mm

P226 9mm

MPX-P-9 9mm

P938 9mm

P938 Legion 9mm

P320 Full Size 9mm

P229 40S&W

R516 FDE 5.56

RM400 FDE 5.56


XDS 9mm

XDS Mod2 9mm

XD MOD2 9mm

1911 Range Officer 45acp

M1A Standard 7.62 x 51

Saint Pistol 5.56


H&K VP40 40 S&W


Five Seven 5.7×28

PS90 5.7×28


PPSM2 9mm


P-09 Duty 9mm

75B 9mm

75SP01 9mm

P10C 9mm

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