Indoor Range Rules

Universal Safety Rules:

1.     Handle all firearms as if they were loaded

2.     Always keep the firearm pointed downrange in a safe direction

3.     Keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to fire

4.     Be certain that your target and surrounding areas are safe before firing

Indoor Range Rules

· Eye and ear protection is required at all times

· The instructions of the Range Safety Officer are to be followed at all times. The range safety officer has the authority to inspect all firearms and     ammunition and will deny any they deem unsafe.

· If a cease fire is called, stop shooting and take your finger off the trigger

· Don’t rely on your firearms ‘safety’, it is a manmade device that can fail

· Use correct ammunition

·  No drawing from the holster

·  Please do not shoot anything except for the target

·  Firearm must be in a case to enter and exit the range

·  Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions before shooting


· Do not hang targets outside of the specified area

· Only one loaded firearm will be permitted at a time

· A maximum of two shooters will be permitted in a single stall

· If a shooter needs to leave the stall for any reason, they must ensure their firearm is fully unloaded and that the action is visible and open and pointed downrange

· Due to potential lead hazards, women who are pregnant will not be permitted in the range

· No food or drinks in the range at any time

· No smoking or chewing tobacco will be permitted in the range

· No cross fire

· If you experience a malfunction or have a problem that requires immediate assistance, please ensure your firearm is safe and the muzzle is pointed downrange and call for help from the Range Safety Officer

· Valid government issued photo ID will be required.

· No armor piercing, penetrating, tracer incendiary or explosive ammunition is permitted. Single projectile only, IE. No buckshot or birdshot.

· BRASS ONLY No steel or aluminum casings are permitted

· Please clean up any trash IN YOUR LANE ONLY. Brass included – DO NOT REACH BEYOND THE FIRING LINE AT ANY TIME! All brass left will become the property of The Sportsman’s Shop.

· You may not clean your firearm in the range.

· Subject to the approval and discretion of the Range Safety Officer and the direct supervision of a parent/guardian and their completion of the range waiver, anyone between the ages of 10 – 17 can utilize the range.  Those 18 years and older may qualify to use the range and rent firearms on their own.

A valid photo ID is required to use the range and must be produced in person. Our store policy allows for range use for US Citizens and permanent residents able to produce a permanent resident card.

Indoor Range Dress Code

· Hearing and eye protection must be worn at all times while on the range.

· No low cut shirts

· No tank tops

· No sleeveless shirts

· Shoes should completely cover and protect your feet.

Rental Gun Policy

  • If you do NOT own a firearm you MUST have someone with you in order to rent any firearm.
  • If you plan on coming in alone to rent a firearm, you MUST already own a firearm and bring it with you to the range.
  • You MUST use in range ammo for all rental guns.
  • You are required to present a valid ID at the time of rental.
  • You must watch our range safety video and complete our range waiver.

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