What’s The Best Rifle For Hunting?

Wondering what’s the best rifle for hunting? Whether they’re hunting deer, game or varmints, we recently polled our team to find out which rifle they prefer to carry. Read on to hear from our staff members on which hunting rifle they use and why.

I prefer my Winchester model 70, caliber 243. I like that it is lightweight, has minimal recoil and has plenty of knockdown power for the PA woods. I shot my first buck ever with this gun, which makes this a prized possession of mine.
– Brandon

My go to hunting rifle is my Winchester model 70, 300 wsm left-handed. It is accurate, lightweight and kills the deer – they don’t get up after you shoot! This was the first left-handed bolt action gun I owned and could shoot comfortably.
– Frank

I have been shooting my 30-06 for 40 years and can’t imagine changing that now.
– Ray

The first rifle that I bought was my Browning 270, and I have always kept going back to that one. I harvested one of the first PA bobcats with this gun. I have shot numerous deer with this rifle. I always bring this gun along for good luck on any hunting adventures.
– Anthony

I would go with my Savage 93R17 Classic .17 HMR rifle. This rifle I hunted with at a young age and had great success with. I have shot hundreds of groundhogs and varmints over the years with this rifle. The 17 HMR is a great caliber for small game and varmints, with great accuracy out to around 250 yards. On many occasions I pushed that range out near 300 yards with successful kills on groundhogs. The .17 HMR is a fun caliber to shoot because there is no recoil and it is relatively quiet. Since I first got the rifle, I have made minor changes to the gun, including threading the barrel for a suppressor. With the suppressor, there is very little noise and it just makes this rifle that much more enjoyable to shoot. My Savage 93R17 .17 HMR has given me a lot of great hunting memories and I would recommend this rifle to anyone looking to do varmint hunting or just plain target shooting.
– Isaiah

For long distance, big game hunting my choice is either my 300 Weatherby magnum or the 30-378 Weatherby magnum. The recent shooting of my elk in Colorado was with my 30-378.
– Joe

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