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Inventory Update 5/8/2024

Please note: Inventory posted above is current as of the time and date of post.

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Ruger American Bolt-Action 6.5 Creedmoor 22″ Threaded Barrel w/Muzzle Brake, Cerakote Bronze Finish, Go Wild Camo Synthetic Stock, Scope Base


Mossberg 590 Persuader Pump Action 12 Gauge 20″ Cylinder Barrel, Blue Finish, Fixed Synthetic Stock, Includes Heat Shield and Pistol Grip Kit, 8Rd, Bead Sight, 3″ Chamber


Ruger LCP Sub-Compact 380 ACP 2.75″ Barrel, Black Oxide Finish, Integral Fixed Sights, 6 Rounds


Browning X-Bolt Composite Hunter Bolt Action 30-06 Springfield 22″ Sporter Contour Barrel, Threaded M13x.75, Stainless Steel Muzzle Brake, Stainless Steel Action, Blued Barrel, Black Composite Stock, 4 Rounds


Browning X-Bolt Composite Hunter Bolt Action Rifle 300 Win Mag 26″ Sporter Contour Barrel, Threaded M13x.75, Stainless Steel Muzzle Brake, Stainless Steel Action, Blued Barrel, Black Composite Stock, 4 Rounds


Beretta 1301 Tactical Mod 2 Semi-automatic 12 Gauge 18.5″ Barrel, Anodized Finish, Black, Synthetic Stock, M-LOK Forend, Improved Cylinder, Ghost Ring Sight, 7 Rounds, 3″ Chamber


SilencerCo Switchback 22 2.0 Rimfire Suppressor, Modular, 22LR/17HMR/22MAG/5.7MM, 1/2X28, Stainless Steel Baffles, Titanium Tube, Raw Titanium Finish, 1.07″ Diameter, 2.5″ -5.75″ Length, User serviceable, Full auto rated, Titanium & stainless steel construction

The Switchback 22 2.0 is the most versatile rimfire silencer ever developed. Not only does its modular construction allow the end user to choose from three lengths, but its long configuration can be optimized for either a pistol or rifle host. Inspired by technology used in rocket diffusers, when oriented in one direction the front section exhibits the most competitive sound reduction on the market for pistols, but when the orientation is flipped the result is unprecedented sound reduction on rifles. The Switchback 22 2.0 delivers the quality and versatility you have come to expect from SilencerCo’s premium rimfire silencers including compatibility with a variety of cartridges, durability, user serviceability, and our industry leading lifetime warranty and customer service.


SilencerCo, Hybrid 46, Direct Thread Mount, Suppressor, 5/8×24, 45-70 Government, Black Matte Finish, Built from titanium, inconel and 17-4 stainless steel, Interchangeable front caps provide optimal sound suppression for each caliber, 14.1oz, 7.61″ Length, 1.57″ Diameter, 5.56 NATO: 130.4 dB, 300 BLK: 123.7 dB, 308 WIN: 136.4 dB, 300 WM: 142.1 dB, 338 LM: 146.5 dB, 9MM: 125.7 dB, 45 ACP: 130.8 dB, 458 SOCOM: 138.3 dB, 45-70 GOV: 140.6 dB

The Hybrid 46 is capable of accommodating a majority of the applications expected of a truly versatile suppressor. The Hybrid 46 is both full auto and magnum-rated and can be used on pistols, submachine guns, and rifles. The Hybrid 46 is rated down to 16″ barrels for .45-70 GOV, 8″ barrels for .458 SOCOM and down to 18″ barrels for all magnum calibers up to .338 LM.