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Shooting Range Rentals

Rental Gun Policy

    • If you do NOT possess a firearm you MUST have someone with you in order to rent any firearm.
    • If you plan on coming in alone to rent a firearm, you MUST already own a firearm and bring it with you to the range.
    • You MUST use our range ammo for all rental guns.
    • You are required to present a valid government issued photo ID with current legal address at the time of rental.
    • You must watch our range safety video and complete our range waiver .


CX4 Carbine 9mm


P-09 Duty 9mm

75B 9mm

75SP01 9mm

P10C 9mm

Daniel Defense:

DDM4V7 Pro 5.56

DDM4V11 LW 5.56

M4A1 5.56


Five Seven 5.7×28


44 22LR

20 10mm

42 380

Gen4 17 9mm

Glock 43 9mm

43X 9mm

45 9mm

48 9mm

Gen5 19 9mm

Gen5 17 9mm

Gen4 27 40S&W

Gen4 23 40S&W

Gen4 22 40S&W

21 Gen4 .45acp

Heckler & Koch:

P30SK 9mm

vp9SK 9mm

P30 9mm

VP9 9mm

SP5 9mm

HK45 45acp


Micro 380 380acp

Micro 9 9mm 3″

Ultra Master Carry 45acp


SP101 22LR

10/22 TD 22LR


American 22LR

Super Wrangler 22LR


LCR-22 22LR


LCR 38 spl

LCRX-3 38 spl

LCP 380acp

LCP Max 380acp


Security 380

GP100MC 357 mag

American 9mm

AR 556 5.56

SR556FB 5.56


Ruger-57 5.7×28

EC9S 9mm

Max-9 9mm

Security-9 9mm

SP101 357mag

Sig Sauer:

938 Legion 9mm

P365 9mm

P365 Romeo 9mm

P320 Romeo 9mm

P320 XCarry 9mm

P320 XTEN 10MM

P320 Full Size 9mm

M17 9mm

P226 9mm

P322 22LR

RM400 5.56

Smith & Wesson:

M&P22 Compact 22LR

SW22 Victory 22LR

M&P Bodyguard 38 spl

M&P Bodyguard 380acp

642 38 spl

M&P Shield EZ M2.0 .380

CSX 9mm

M&P9 M2.0 Compact 9mm

M&P9 Shield Plus 9mm

M&P9 OR 9mm

M&P9 OR TS 9mm

M&P9 Metal NJS 9mm

M&P9 Competitor 9mm

M&P9 Shield EZ TS 9mm

Equalizer OR 9mm

M&P Shield Plus 30 Super

Model 60 357 mag

Model 60 Pro 357 mag

Model 686 357 mag

Governor 45acp

M&P45 Shield 45acp

M&P45 M2.0 45 acp

M&P 15 Sport 2 5.56

M&P15 Volunteer 5.56


Echelon 9mm

Prodigy 9mm

Hellcat Pro 9mm

Hellcat OSP 9mm

XDM Elite 9mm

XDS Mod2 9mm

Garrison 1911 45ACP

1911 Milspec 45acp

M1A 308WIN

Saint Pistol 5.56


STR9 9mm